Pro wrestler Eric Hartsburg auctioned off a part of his face on eBay to the second highest bidder.

The prize? A tattoo of the Romney/Ryan logo.

Hartsburg told ABC News, "I am a registered Republican and a Romney supporter. I didn’t mind getting this tattoo because it is something that I could live with and it’s something that I believe in.”

He further said that his tattoo also serves an educational purpose: to let young people know that they didn't have to be "rich or elderly" to be a Republican.

Hartsburg said that his tat hasn't been well-received: people believe that he's a "boogeyman" or generally said "F*** you."

The donor, a Republican who asked to remain unidentified, paid $15,000 for Hartsburg to tat up his face. Hartsburg refused the highest bidder, he told ABC News, because the tat suggestion was "lewd."

Would Hartsburg consider an Obama/Biden tattoo? "Definitely not," he stated to ABC News.

[Photo via Eric Hartsburg on Facebook]