In this video, by American Bridge & the Jewish Committee for Education & Research, hip hop activist and cultural critic Jay Smooth dissects the elitist rhetoric of Republican candidate for president former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA).

The clip began with Romney's surreptitiously recorded remarks from a fundraiser in May where he declared that 47 percent of the population, the proportion who pay no income taxes, are beyond the reach of "personal responsibility" and support President Barack Obama because they allegedly believe that he will prolong their indigent lifestyle.

"Uh, actually, that's like every kind of wrong at once," said Smooth. "It's like an aurora borealis of elitist douchebaggery."

"If you actually look at who that 47 percent is," Smooth said, you get a very interesting picture of who Romney believes is not a person taking "personal responsibility" for their lives.

Senior citizens, for example, "The people that Tom Brokaw told us, like 80,000 times, invented personal responsibility? That worked so hard to make this country great, and walked uphill both ways to the plant that Mitt Romney shut down? That's who the 47 percent is."

But, Smooth continued, it makes sense that a man who has never had to take responsibility for anything doesn't want to take personal responsibility for his record as governor, his income taxes, or anything else.

Lest anyone deny it, though, the Mitt Romney we see in the now-famous "47 percent" video, Smooth said, is the real Mitt Romney. Smooth said he had actually started to feel sorry for Romney, watching him awkwardly interact with people on the campaign trail, wondering if there was anywhere outside of the governor's six homes that he really feels at home.

Now we know, Smooth said, what Romney's like when he lets his hair down and "dances like nobody's watching," when he's among his cohort, "other bazillionaires," free to show that he's a real person.

"A real elitist jerk who hates your grandparents," Smooth said, "and thinks half of the country are lazy, no-good moochers."

Watch the video, embedded via YouTube, below: