On his show Monday night, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart lampooned the reaction to the vice presidential debate at Fox News.

Stewart noted that while the liberal hosts on MSNBC accepted that Romney outperformed Obama during their first debate, the hosts at Fox News did everything they could to "delegitimatize" Biden's performance. Fox News hosts and guests described Biden as rude and especially offensive to women.

"Here is how desperate Fox was to spin this debate," Stewart said. "They called in a doctor for assistance."

Stewart then played a clip of Dr. Keith Ablow of the Fox News Medical A-Team, who suggested that Biden was suffering from dementia.

"Yes, yes. That rare rare form of dementia where you remember too much," Stewart joked.

"So to sum up Fox's post-debate coverage: Joe Biden was an angry, demented, abusive, drunk, old, crazy person who mopped the floor with our guy."

Watch video, via Mediaite, below: