On his show Thursday night, Daily Show host Jon Stewart blasted President Barack Obama's lethargic performance at the first presidential debate. He slammed the President for losing despite the fact his challenger threatened Big Bird.

"And here is the thing, Obama lost even though Romney was lying his ass off the entire night," he complained.

Stewart noted that Romney lied about Medicare cuts, Department of Energy investments and the size of the federal deficit.

But rather than correct Romney, Obama responded with a dull explanation that lasted for more than the two minutes he was allotted. Stewart joked the two minutes would have been better spent by simply repeating "liar, liar" over and over again.

"Here is the saddest part: Despite Romney's best effort at lying, the only category Obama defeated Romney in was in the biggest lie of the night," he remarked, playing a clip of Obama telling moderator Jim Lehrer that he did a "great job."

Watch video, via Mediaite, below: