Maggot therapy cupcakes, gingerbread cigarettes and a severed leg cake are being served up Friday at a London museum which aims to educate the public about disease.

"Eat Your Heart Out 2012" at St. Bartholomew's Pathology Museum features anatomically-accurate cakes, cookies and cocktails plus information on the diseases which inspired the treats.

"We hope to create an interest in the topics of anatomy and pathology, for example -- raise awareness of the need for blood donations, educate visitors about transplants and ensure people understand the dangers of alcohol abuse and smoking," said Carla Connolly, the museum's technician and assistant curator.

"Most importantly, we'll be showing that serious, or often taboo, subjects can still be communicated through an accessible medium."

The baked goods -- which are available for visitors to buy -- will be grouped together according to the five sections of Queen Mary medical school curriculum: cardiorespiratory, metabolism, brain and behaviour, human development and locomotive.

The exhibition will also be accompanied by a series of lectures that discuss the illnesses depicted by the desserts.

The display has been created by Emma Thomas, aka Miss Cakehead, and the event runs until Sunday.