Rolling Stone contributing editor Matt Taibbi said Monday on Current TV that it was appropriate for Vice President Joe Biden to laugh at his Republican challenger Paul Ryan during last week's debate.

"I think what he did -- and he got heavily criticized for laughing and bringing this mocking tone to Ryan's whole presentation -- but I think that is what has been missing all along from the coverage of this campaign," he explained. "You should bring contemptuous laughter to this whole thing because it is not serious. That is the real problem with it. It is not even that it is cynical and it is nefarious, it is just not serious."

Romney and Ryan have said they plan to cut tax rates for every American by 20 percent. They have insisted the tax cut would be "revenue neutral" because they also plan to eliminate deductions. But they have refused to explain which deductions they would eliminate and how their massive tax cut would help decrease the federal deficit.

“Every single day in the newspapers it should be, you know, ‘Romney-Ryan tax plan still makes no sense,’” Taibbi said. “They should be getting hammered every single day for doing this because it’s an incredibly cynical thing what they’re doing — they’re making this extravagant promise."

"They’re saying, ‘We’re going to cut everybody’s taxes by 20 percent, it’s going to be like fairyland,’ and yet they’re being treated as though it’s a serious political campaign and they should be being slaughtered by the press for this.”

Watch video, courtesy of Current TV, below: