Dueling pundits Chris Matthews and Bill O'Reilly introduced a new element to a debate between them Sunday night -- helium.

In an appearance on the "Night of Too Many Stars" benefit show organized by Daily Show host Jon Stewart, Matthews and O'Reilly agreed to square off in a discussion with the added stipulation that neither man would be allowed to speak without inhaling helium from a balloon first.

"I say we should go back to the [Bill] Clinton tax rates and get the hell out of Afghanistan," Matthews squeaked in response to a question on the government's role in job creation. When moderator John King asked O'Reilly for a response, the O'Reilly Factor host chirped, "I wanna get the hell out of here!"

The event, organized by Comedy Central and Stewart's production company, Busboy Productions, in conjunction with New York Collaborates for Autism, is designed to help autism aid groups around the country, and featured various celebrities auctioning off memorabilia or specialty acts like Parks & Recreation star Nick Offerman offering to strip, or actors Tina Fey and Amy Poehler auctioning off the chance to be their best friends for the evening.

Matthews, who seemed to be huffing his balloon more frequently than O'Reilly, took the chance to describe Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's financial ideas as voodoo economics.

"He wants us to believe he can balance the budget by cutting taxes," the Hardball host said. "But that's just a lot of Ooh Eeh Ooh Ahah, Ting Tang Wallawallabingbang."

Watch video of the two talk show hosts back-and-forth, posted by Mediaite Monday, below.