More than 100 people were injured in Egypt Friday as demonstrations both supporting and opposing President Mohamed Morsi converged and battled one another across Tahrir Square.

According to Russia Today, the violent clashes between liberal groups and supporters of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood started following the acquittal Wednesday of 25 officials in his predecessor Hosni Mubarak's administration, who were accused of ordering authorities to use camels against protesters during the demonstrations last year that led to Mubarak's resignation.

The "Camel Battle," as the February 2011 incident was called, resulted in the deaths of almost a dozen protesters.

Friday, the crowd of 2,000 people surged into the square after Brotherhood supporters allegedly ripped up an anti-Morsi sign, which led to the start of the fighting, which escalated into protesters throwing rocks and bottles at one another and reports of gunfire.

Following the acquittal, Morsi has attempted to remove the country's prosecutor general, Mubarak appointee Abdel-Maguid Mahmoud. However, Mahmoud has refused to be reassigned to a diplomatic post to the Vatican.

NBC News' report on the violence, aired Friday night, can be seen below.

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