MSNBC contributor Joy-Ann Reid hammered Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) on Hardball Friday during a discussion on the Republican party's positions on women's health issues.

"This is a guy who won't even take responsibility for the births that he is directly responsible for producing," Reid told host Chris Matthews, referring to allegations that Walsh refused to pay $117,000 in child support. "Birth control has just become yet another part of the culture wars, and you have guys like Walsh who have taken this hard and fast position, which is anti-abortion."

Walsh, who is running for re-election, said Thursday abortion wasn't medically necessary to save a woman's life because "with modern technology and science, you can’t find one instance."

ABC News reported Friday that Walsh, who reached a settlement in the child support case earlier this year, attempted to walk back his allegation in a statement sent to the media.

"Let me very clear [sic] that when I say I am pro-life, I mean that I am pro-life for the mother and I am pro-life for the unborn child. For me, there is no distinction between the two," the statement said. "While, I do not support abortion, I do of course support medical procedures for women during their pregnancies that might result in the loss of the unborn child. When such an occurrence takes place, that decision on whether to perform that procedure is a very difficult one and one that should be left up to the mother and her family."

Reid cited a 2010 study ranking the U.S. 39th globally in maternal mortality rates.

"Albania has a better rate, in terms of maternal death, versus places like, let's say, Houston," said Reid, the managing editor of The Grio.

Reed's discussion with Matthews and actress Kathleen Turner, aired Friday on MSNBC, can be seen below.

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