City officials in El Paso, Texas are investigating reports of a "naked caveman" who told KVIA-TV he had been living on a state park for three years.

The unidentified man, who refused to give his name, told the station Sunday (Language NSFW) he had been "surviving" in Franklin Mountain State Park.

He also said he had been observing reporter Gerardo Najera and a photographer before they approached him, yelling, "Hey! I see you!" at one point before agreeing to be interviewed.

But KVIA reported Tuesday that a state park ranger said the man's alleged dwelling is actually a collapsed water collection ditch located on property that belongs to the local water utilities board.

The El Paso Water Utilities Public Service Board said in a statement that it would have to investigate the area, located on a canyon in the northeast part of town, to see who owns that particular patch of land.

"If it is land for which EPWU is responsible, staff will work with El Paso Police to immediately remove any trespassers," the statement said.

Police said someone would have to file a complaint in order to evict the man from the premises, should they be private property. But a resident of an apartment complex near the canyon told the station she doesn't feel safe with him around.

"Normally he's like wandering around," she said. "We never know what time he's going to show."

KVIA's story on how residents are dealing with the "caveman," originally aired Oct. 15, can be seen below: