In Washington DC, everyone expects talk-radio-glued taxi drivers to know the ins and outs of foreign policy and bartenders to fine-pick legislative tactics in Congress.

But Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has just found out that the US capital's pervasive policy wonkishness extends even to the city's league-leading baseball team, the Nationals.

With the Nats delivering Washington its first Major League Baseball winning season in 43 years, the country's top central banker -- who oversees abstruse monetary tactics -- finds time to show his support.

"I'm a baseball fan, and I was excited to be invited to a recent batting practice of the playoff-bound Washington Nationals. I was introduced to one of the team's star players," he told an audience Monday.

"But before I could press my questions on some fine points of baseball strategy, he asked, 'So, what's the scoop on quantitative easing?'," he said.