NFL player and Minnesota native Matt Birk has become the latest member of the Baltimore Ravens to weigh in on the issue of marriage equality.

"It's unfair to childen if we don't make every effort to stand up for their rights, to be known and loved by their mother and their father whenever possible," he said in a video produced by the Minnesota Catholic Conference. "While divorce, death and other circumstances too often prevent it, no child should be intentionally deprived of knowing their mother and their father. If we allow genderless marriage to be made law, the implication is that the contributions of part of our community, either men or women, are somehow insignifcant and less valuable."

"I can put up with a lot from the government like higher taxes and while I don't like it, pushing God out of public schools, but letting a small number of business and government elites and judges define what marriage is for Minnesotans doesn't seem very fair and doesn't make a lot of sense," Birk added.

Last year, the Minnesota legislature approved a constitutional amendment to define marriage as solely between one man and one woman, giving voters a chance to ratify the proposed amendment this November. Same sex marriage is already banned by a statute passed by the Minnesota legislature in 1997. If ratified by voters, the proposed amendment would prevent judges from striking down the statute.

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendan Ayanbadejo voiced his support for same sex marriage in Maryland last month. The state legalized same sex marriages earlier this year, but those opposed to the new law collected enough signatures to have its repeal placed on the November ballot.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube on September 29, below: