A man is dead after an apparent shooting in a chapel of Pastor Creflo Dollar's World Changers mega-church in the Atlanta suburb College Park. According to CNN's "This Just In" blog, police are currently searching for the gunman.

No names have been released in the shooting incident, which took place Wednesday morning in one of the vast church complex's chapels. Fulton County Police spokesperson Cpl. Kay Lester told CNN that while World Changers did host a morning service on Wednesday, she was unsure whether churchgoers were in attendance when the violence took place.

World Changers has a congregation of approximately 30,000 members. Dollar's ministry has sparked controversy for its embrace of "Prosperity Gospel," a philosophy that says god wants the best for his favored children, and that personal wealth and status are signs of blessings bestowed upon a person by their creator.

The pastor was arrested earlier this year on charges that he assaulted one of his daughters in their home in a wealthy northern Atlanta neighborhood.