Unlike in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina, television preacher and conservative commentator Pat Roberson has kept mum about Hurricane Sandy, but that doesn't mean he’s not still taking on the most pressing and timely issues of the day on a regular basis.

In a special segment ahead of Halloween this year, Robertson warned viewers that even though scary movies are “fake,” they are still “demonic” and will definitely “haunt you,” then stressed that committing a sin, like watching one, is actually just like playing Russian Roulette… with your soul.

“You don’t want to open yourself up to demonic influence,” he said, answering a viewer’s question about scary movies on television. “You begin to be entranced by it. You begin to come in to it. The next thing you know, you’re going one step beyond. The devil is very subtle and very sly.”

“You can’t focus in on the evil that’s out there, the sickness of some of the Hollywood writers is just simply appalling. ‘The Night of the Living Dead’? You know, the chainsaw massacre? Horrible stuff, the blood and gore. You don’t want to focus your life on that because it will haunt you.”

In response to another questioner who inquired about the dire seriousness of hellfire and damnation, Robertson appeared to escalate the type of risk he thinks people take when they commit acts against God (like watching horror movies).

“Why would you be playing games?” he asked. “It’s like saying, ‘Six turns of a pistol, I’ve got one bullet in it, I’m gonna keep pointing it at my head and hope it doesn’t go off.’”

Robertson went on to explain that God is like a giant, invisible “supercomputer” somewhere out there in parts unknown, keeping track of every single thought and action. “You better hope and pray you’re in the lord, and the lord’s blood has covered everything you’ve ever done,” he cautioned. “Because everything you’ve ever done is in those books.”

This video is from CBN, aired Tuesday, October 30, 2012.