Pro-life protesters in Chicago's Daley Plaza on Saturday said that abortion was "worse than Hitler" and that President Barack Obama was a "Communist Nazi."

"What children's rights? They want to abort them before they can even become anything," one protester told independent YouTube reporter DogStar7. "It is worse than Hitler. How many millions of people have they killed compared to Hitler?"

"He's a Communist Nazi," another protester interjected.

The Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally in Chicago was held to protest the so-called "contraception mandate," the United States Department of Health and Human Services policy that requires health insurance plans to include coverage for contraceptives. The rallies, which have occurred across the country, have been organized by the Pro-Life Action League and Citizens for a Pro-Life Society.

The organizers said nearly 1,700 people attended the rally.

Critics of the contraception mandate claim that requiring Catholic employers to provide health insurance plans to that cover contraception is an infringement on religious liberties.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube, below: