Two Brazilian doctors reported a rare find -- a man with a skin condition that causes his scalp to look like the surface of the human brain.

In a report published Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine, the two dermatologists at the Hospital Universitario de Santa María said the patient, a 21-year-old man, had developed cutis verticis gyrata.

The condition isn't harmful, but it does cause the scalp to thicken and develop very distinct ridges and ruts. According to the report, the condition is most prevalent in men.

Dr. Karen Schons, who filed the report with Dr. Andre Beber, said the man started exhibiting symptoms two years ago, despite having neither any family history of the condition nor any accompanying symptoms; the man does suffer from a learning impairment, Schons said, but it is not connected to the changes his scalp has undergone.

Schons said cutis verticis gyrata can be corrected to some extent with surgery, but that the patient said "the condition did not bother him cosmetically."

A report on the doctors' discovery, published Thursday in the Czechoslovakian news site Novinky, can be seen below.

[h/t NBC News]