Michael Brutsch, known by his online pseudonym Violentacrez, on Thursday said he regretted his controversial online behavior.

Considered the top "troll" of the social networking site Reddit, 49-year-old Brutsch had set up hundreds of sub-forums on the site, dedicated to topics like bestiality, provocative pictures of minors, rape jokes, images of beaten women, candid photos of women, and incest.

His real identity was revealed by Gawker last week.

"I am sorry, I have made mistakes," he told CNN. "I understand that, you know, Reddit encouraged and enabled this sort of behavior and I shouldn't have been a part of it. Nobody on Reddit really had anything to say about it at all, and since then, I have come to understand that there are, you know, there are situations where things are inappropriate."

Brutsch, who was fired from his job as computer programmer after being outed, said he enjoyed "enraging" people with hot-button topics. He said he treated the social networking site "like a game."

"I was playing to an audience of college kids. And you know, when two years ago, when all of this was at its height, the audience was appreciative and supportive of the sort of gallows humor that I put out there," Brutsch said.

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