Republican Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin said during a debate Monday night that the pro-choice group NARAL was "disgusting."

When asked about his position on abortion, Duffy said he believed that "life begins at conception" and that the government should "protect life at conception," but did not say whether he believed there should be any exceptions for rape or incest.

Duffy also said that Planned Parenthood provided "really good" care to women, "especially for folks who can’t afford it." However, Planned Parenthood should not receive any federal funding, he said, because "they are the largest abortion provider in the country."

"I think this issue could be solved completely if Planned Parenthood would stop doing abortions," Duffy added. "There would be no issue with funding on Planned Parenthood."

He then turned the question on his Democratic opponent Pat Kreitlow, noting that he had been endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice America.

“Mr Kreitlow, you are supported by NARAL, which is the most radical pro-abortion group in the country. They support late term abortions and partial birth abortions. Frankly, I think that is disgusting,” Duffy said.

Erika West, deputy political director for NARAL Pro-Choice America, told Raw Story she was not surprised the organization was included in Duffy's response, saying he "regularly abandons the issues of the day -- like jobs, the economy and the environment -- in order to oppose reproductive rights."

"Rep. Duffy has spent the last two years in Congress casting vote after vote against a woman's right to choose while ignoring jobs and the economy," she added. "Voting to defund Title X family-planning programs, denying women access to contraception and basic health care services, and embracing a dangerous so-called "personhood" measure that would outlaw access to abortion care amounts to a radical agenda. We have endorsed Pat Kreitlow, because he respects a woman's right to make private health care decisions with her doctor. That's not radical, that's rational."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube by Wisconsin Democrats, below:

[Ed. note: Article updated after publication]