While Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has been on the presidential campaign trail with Mitt Romney, he continues to fight his own re-election battle in his home district in Wisconsin, ABC News reported Friday.

Ryan's other campaign -- to keep his seat in the House of Representatives -- is spending about $2 million on new TV, radio and print ads for the Madison and Milwaukee markets, on top of an ad that debuted Wednesday and another one scheduled for release before the Nov. 6 election date.

"Advertisements are one of the many ways Ryan for Congress is informing voters in Southern Wisconsin about the specific solutions Paul Ryan has offered to reduce our crushing burden of debt, fix our broken tax code, and strengthen and protect Medicare," said his congressional campaign manager, Kevin Seifert.

Despite raising less money than his opponent, Democratic challenger Rob Zerban in the last fundraising period -- Zerban collected $770,000, nearly $200,000 more than Ryan -- the report said Ryan still has more cash on hand for his campaign, with about $4 million, twice the amount Zerban has to work with.

Ryan is also the latest vice-presidential candidate to fight on two fronts; current Vice President Joe Biden still carried on a campaign for his Senate seat in Delaware while campaigning with President Barack Obama four years ago, and Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-NH) maintained his own campaign as the Democratic running mate for Al Gore in 2000.