Thursday night in Defiance, Ohio, Republican nominee for president, former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) was joined at the end of his rally by "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" singer Meat Loaf, who has endorsed Romney over President Barack Obama.

As the rally drew to a close, Meat Loaf and three other men with wireless microphones attempted to lead the crowd in a version of "America the Beautiful." Unfortunately, Loaf and his confreres (the country band Big and Rich and singer from the band Alabama, Randy Owens) appeared to have difficulty hearing each other, because all three men sang the popular patriotic song in different, clashing keys.

Then, in the last third of the video, rather than attempt to modulate his tone and blend with the other singers, Loaf treated to crowd to what might have been a spectacular display of vocal showboating, had he been on-key, in tune or even singing the right part of the song. What we are left with, instead, is YouTube gold.

Watch the clip, embedded via CNN, below:

(h/t to Balloon Juice)