Taking a break from Monday's debate preparations, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, his staff and advisers joined several members of the press (in yellow mesh tank-tops) for a touch football game in Delray Beach, Florida.

According to New York Times reporter Ashley Parker, who participated in the game, Romney's team (in red T-shirts) included former Bush Administration budget director and current Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH), communications director Gail Gitcho, campaign chairman Bob White, senior advisers Eric Fehrenstrom, Peter Flaherty and Ron Kaufman, senior strategist Ed Gillespie and Mississippi governor Haley Barbour's nephew Austin, who serves as a deputy to senior adviser Stuart Stevens. After Romney departed, his wife Ann Romney subbed in and, with her Secret Service contingent serving as the defensive line, scored a game-tieing touchdown.

When the game was called for time, the final score was 14-14.

Watch video, first uploaded by the Associated Press, below.