A sassy elderly woman scolded Republican Rep. Joe Walsh (IL) during a town hall event on Thursday, telling the congressman he was using "scare tactics" to get votes.

"What I least like about this business is when politicians are not honest with voters and they try to scare you," Walsh told the small group of mostly senior citizens at the Alden Gardens Supportive Living Facility in Bloomingdale.

"That's what you're doing," one elderly woman responded.

"No, no, because I'm not going to get your vote," Walsh replied, having already discussed his political disagreements with the woman earlier.

"No you're not," the woman frankly remarked. "You're trying to scare this whole community here with threats of Medicare going poof."

The woman -- who refused to tell Walsh her name because she didn't want his "henchmen" to come after her -- said that Medicare needed to be changed, but shouldn't be completely replaced.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube by CREDO SuperPAC, below:

[Image via Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons licensed]