Continuing his anti-bird policies, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney vowed to allow the mass killing of birds to lower gas prices in Saturday Night Live's version of the second presidential debate.

During the debate, Romney and Obama nearly came to blows on multiple occasions -- and Romney's oldest son, Tagg, tried to join in the fight as well.

“This isn’t Colorado anymore Governor,” Obama remarked. “This is sea-level.”

But Romney said he was going to answer the very thoughtful question about gas prices before meeting Obama outside to duke it out.

"Here is where we have to look at what this president has already done," Romney said. "This is a president who has made it harder for U.S. oil companies to drill. He brought criminal action against an oil company in North Dakota because 25 birds were killed -- 25."

"Well, let me promise you that as your president, I will never care how many birds are killed," he continued. "You can kill 250 birds, you can kill 2500 birds. If it brought gas prices down one cent, I would personally stalk, capture, and strangle every bird in this great land -- except eagles."

Watch video, via Hulu, below: