On Wednesday night's edition of "The Daily Show," host Jon Stewart recapped Tuesday night's debate between President Barack Obama and Republican nominee former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) and dinged Romney on his awkward invocation of the "binders full of women" who were brought to him as prospective cabinet members.

The second presidential debate ("Now including the president!" Stewart quipped) was a decidedly different affair than the first.  Whereas Obama turned in a lackluster, almost lethargic performance at the first debate in Denver, Tuesday found the president feisty, on point and ready to bring the fight to Romney.

"Romney was sharp," Stewart said, "and drew blood.  But for every point that Romney made, the president made more."

Obama hit Romney on his lack of a real tax plan, his ridiculously outsized personal wealth and his thriving business relationships with Chinese companies, calling him "the last person who's going to get tough on China."

"The last guy that's going to get tough on China is that Mitt Romney," echoed Stewart.  "I mean, for god's sakes, Romney was assembled at Apple's Foxconn factory in Beijing.  It's why he's so well-designed."

"Romney had some other issues as well," Stewart said before rolling a clip of Romney contradicting his previous stance on contraception coverage for women with health insurance.  "Yeah," said Stewart, "you should tell that to your disembodied voice that supported the Blunt Amendment," legislation from earlier this year that allowed some employers to deny women birth control coverage on religious grounds.  He then played audio of a radio interview of Romney saying that "of course" he supports the Blunt Amendment.

Stewart took a moment to remind "those of you sitting in your dorm room filling a plastic tube with water" or "carving out an apple" whose ears may have pricked up at the mention of a "blunt," that he isn't talking about a hollowed out cigar filled with marijuana.

The truly oddest Romney moment of the night, however, was his story (which turns out to not even be true) about the "binders full of women" that were brought to him when he was filling out his cabinet as governor of Massachusetts.

"Couple things," said Stewart, "The women's group was called MassGAP and they approached Gov. Romney, not the other way around. And two, my guess is they did not refer to what they presented as 'whole binders full of women,' but perhaps referred to it as a well-organized collection of qualified resumes, but hey, 'binder of women,' 'book of broads,' 'notebook of nipples,' whatever!"

Watch the clip, embedded via Comedy Central, below: