The U.S. Supreme Court will not take up a blogger's complaint against the use of full-body scanners by airport security, Reuters reported Tuesday.

The court refused to hear Jonathan Corbett's case saying the Transportation Security Administration's implementation of the scanners and enhanced pat-downs violated travelers' protection from illegal searches under the Fourth Amendment.

In March, Corbett released a video explaining how he was able to smuggle an empty metal case past scanners in two airports.

"While I carried the metal case empty, by one with mal-intent, it could easily have been filled with razor blades, explosives, or one of Charlie Sheen's infamous 7 gram rocks of cocaine," he said in the video. "With a bigger pocket, perhaps sewn on the inside of the shirt, even a firearm could get through."

Both a federal court in Florida and the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals had dismissed Corbett's case before it was dropped by the Supreme Court Monday, but Corbett said Monday he would continue to press the matter.

"That's the bad news," wrote on TSA Out Of Our Pants, his blog chronicling the case. "The good news is that the fight is not over, it simply must be continued without that jury, and with discovery and witnesses allowed to me at the discretion of the 11th Circuit (instead of by right, as a reasonable reader of the Constitution might assume that we had). I will have my 11th Circuit filing completed within the next 30 days."