Sweden's royal court has criticised the publication of an artwork showing the Swedish king eating pizza off a naked woman's body, while the queen tries to scrub a swastika off the floor.

"There is a limit to how much anyone should have to endure. The picture is offensive, hurtful and malicious," the Marshal of the Court, Svante Lindqvist, said in a statement.

In the picture, King Carl XVI Gustaf is shown overlooking the naked body of pop singer Camilla Henemark, together with a group of people eating pizza off her, some of whom were named in an unofficial tell-all biography that shook the Swedish monarchy two years ago.

The 2010 biography claimed the king had a year-long affair with Henemark and gave details of his alleged partying at dubious clubs, one of which was owned by an ex-convict.

Artist Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin told Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet that the montage "shows how women are treated in these types of boys' clubs".

The picture is to appear in a magazine published by the Social Democratic party and is controversial even in a country that cherishes its freedom of speech.

"I'm prepared to take my punishment if it's illegal," Daniel Suhonen, editor-in-chief and publisher of Tiden, told news agency TT.

Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin is known for sparking controversy, and has made headlines in recent days in Serbia with her exhibition "Ecce Homo", featuring photos portraying Jesus among homosexuals, transsexual people and people with AIDS.

The exhibition, organised as part of Belgrade Pride Week, opened Wednesday under heavy police security despite the threats by extremist groups to target the show.