It's a Texas state judge that's now blocking Gov. Rick Perry's (R) quest to get rid of Planned Parenthood.

According The Austin Chronicle, Judge Amy Clark Meachem issued a temporary restraining order against a federal ruling that would let the state pull funding from women's clinics affiliated with the Texas Women's Health Program if they're also with abortion providers.

Perry interpreted interperted an earlier ruling by the 5th U.S. District Court of Appeals to mean he can "immediately" defund Planned Parenthood's clinics--"immediately" meaning starting Nov. 1--though the vast majority of their Texas clinics don't actually perform abortions.

Judge Meachem issued the order until she can hear the case brought by Planned Parenthood, setting the hearing date for November 8. The nonprofit argued that Perry's rule violates Texas' Human Resource Code, which created the state's program to provide vital health services for about 50,000 low-income and uninsured women. The state said that under the restructured program, Planned Parenthood would be ineligible for public funding because of its affiliations with abortion providers. In the process, the resulting cuts will mainly impact clinics that serve low-income and uninsured women.

According to The Austin Chronicle, the temporary restraining order likely won't stop Perry, who said on Twitter that the judge's order "ignores the will" of Texans and their lawmakers.

[Image via smirk on Flickr, Creative Commons licensed]