A senior at Towson University in Maryland has proposed establishing a White Student Union on campus to counter what he says is an anti-white mentality at colleges nationwide, and in the country at large too.

In an interview with HuffPost Live, Matthew Heimbach, the student behind the union, said it was unfair that a group promoting white interests should raise eyebrows while groups promoting the interests of other races don't spark the same controversy. That imbalance, he said, is caused because the media and others wrongfully label all-white groups as racist.

"The very fact that there's a question as to why white students would be allowed to organize or why they should organize proves the exact reason why we need this organization," he said. "There's an inherent anti-white bias in academia, but also in terms of mainstream society where when whites want the exact same treatment in terms of being allowed to organize to advocate for their own best interest, that's viewed as racist, white supremacist, and we're dragged in front of the media to be flogged by essentially the forces of political correctness."

Heimbach added that his goal is only to bring whites in line with all other races that get to have groups advocating for their interests.

"Every single other ethnic group has an advocacy group for themselves," he said. "We have a black student union, a Hispanic student union, an Asian student union. We have groups for every other group of people except for white students."

"If white students are allowed to come together and advocate for our own best interests simply would bring us into the realm that every single other group is allowed."

Watch the interview with HuffPost Live below: