A video turned over to ABC News shows security workers hired by U.S. defense contractor Jorge Scientific Corporation drinking to the point of blacking out and taking illegal drugs while on duty.

Two former employees filed complaints about the behavior in August, alleging that the contractor placed American lives in danger. ABC News broadcast video of the contractors on Wednesday. The company has a $47 million contract in Kabul to train Afghan police forces.

In a prepared statement, Jorge Scientific said it is "deeply concerned" about reports of employee misconduct. "As a result of the complaint, the Board of Directors hired an outside and independent investigation team headed by a former federal prosecutor to conduct a thorough investigation," they claimed.

"The former senior executive, the medic and several others mentioned in the complaint no longer work for Jorge; their employment ceased before Jorge received the complaint," the statement added.

"This arrogant image that Americans have worldwide, this was feeding right into it," one of the whistleblowers told ABC News.

Whistleblowers said the behavior seen in the video is indicative of a pattern within the company and extends all the way up to the executive level. An Army spokesperson said that a criminal investigation was ongoing.

This video is from ABC News, broadcast Wednesday, October 17, 2012.

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