Conservative pundit Glenn Beck this week launched his own line of "American blue jeans," complete with a patriotic video advertisement for the new "1791 Denim" pants.

"These were the first American blue jeans, the jeans that built America," a man says in the ad. "And they were built in America, built in a time when things were timeless. A time when new things would last. A time when people worked for their dreams, and their dreams worked for the. Americans built locomotives and put a man on the moon. Well, maybe you’ll never get a chance to go to the moon, but as an American, you sure as heck can still shoot for it."

The pants sell for $129.99 each at Beck's online-only 1791 Supply & Co. website.

Last year, Beck slammed Levi's for releasing an ad that allegedly "glorified revolution" along with "European socialists" and "Palestinians." The controversial ad showed images of young protesters clashing with riot police.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this. I love Levi’s. Never again, Levi’s, never again will you get a dime from me. I know you’re not disappointed. Never again. I won’t wear your stupid red tab. The quintessential American piece of clothing doing this. Just for what? Because you just want to sell, because you want the controversy? I don’t think so. You believe it. You say you want your jeans to be the uniform of progress,” Beck said on his radio program.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube, below: