A Kansas State Board of Education candidate linked to the Westboro Baptist Church only raised a measly $5 for his campaign and doesn't plan to spend it.

Jack Wu's financial disclosure report, published by the Kansas Secretary of State, shows the Republican candidate only raised $5 from July 27, 2012 through October 25, 2012.

"I don't like asking for money," Wu told the Associated Press. "It's not my style."

In contrast, his opponent Democrat Carolyn Campbell raised $13,518 and spent $12,101 during the same period. Much of that money was spent on ads that highlight Wu's relationship with the Westboro Baptist Church.

The infamous Topeka-based church regularly pickets the funerals of military service men and women with vulgar signs. The Westboro Baptists believe God is punishing the United States because of its tolerance of homosexuality. Wu has said he attends the Westboro Baptist Church, but is not an official member.

According to his campaign website, Wu believes that students in Kansas should be taught that "God created everything." His education plan consists of removing "lies of men and of the devil" -- such as the theory of evolution -- from schools.