The celebration of the San Francisco Giants' win in the World Series Sunday night gave way to what several residents described as a riot.

KNTV-TV reported that thousands of Giants fans swarmed into the streets following their team's series-clinching win over Detroit, with several bonfires being lit on the streets of the Mission District neighborhood.

Eyewitness video from around the scene of the celebration also captured some fans flipping a truck over and firefighters working to put out a municipal bus set on fire. Mike Hendrickson, a photography student at San Francisco State University, said on Twitter that the bus had been hit with a steel barricade and commandeered by revelers before being incinerated.

Several witnesses chronicled the scene on social media, with the hashtag #giantsriot gaining traction on Twitter late Sunday night.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that police moved to shut down the impromptu celebration around 11:30 p.m., in a scene reminiscent of Giants' fans last championship celebration two years ago.

"It's a street party - how often do we get a chance to party like this?" one partier told the newspaper. "Nobody wants to hurt anybody."

Video posted Monday by RT can be seen below.