Nearly six decades after her death, a closet containing artist Frida Kahlo's wardrobe and personal effects was finally opened recently, much to the delight of her fans.

According to Univision News, the closet was locked in 1954, shortly after her death, by Kahlo's long since deceased husband Diego Rivera.

Shortly before his death, he asked a friend, Dolores Olmedo, to safeguard the contents for an additional 15 years.

Instead, she kept it sealed for 45 long years until her death in 2002. That's when museum staff made the astonishing discovery.

Now on display in Mexico City's Frida Kahlo Museum, the more than 300 items represent a first-ever glimpse into the artist's personal life, shedding new light on her persona and identity, along with her struggles with Polio that led to her eventual leg amputation.

This video is from Univision News, published to YouTube on November 27, 2012.