Australia's railway operator Metro released an attention-grabbing, three-minute animated video featuring mostly bean-shaped organisms discovering "dumb ways to die," reported

In an apparent bid to spice up the traditionally somber public service announcement, the cheerful music accompanies upbeat sing-a-long lyrics detailing a number of self-annihilating tactics, which include: "sell both your kidneys on the internet," "eat a two week old unrefrigerated pie," "dress up like a moose during hunting season," "scratch a drug dealer's brand new ride," and "use a clothes dryer as a hiding place."

Near the end, the animated PSA goes on to sing that "stand[ing] on the edge of a train station platform" and "run[ning] across the tracks between the platforms," in fact, "may possibly be the dumbest ways to die."

Check out the video below, via Ebaumsworld.