A man in Brooklyn says that he raised $700 for victims of Hurricane Sandy in two days by selling pot.

The marijuana dealer told The Huffington Post that he came to the conclusion that storm victims without power in Rockaways, New York needed money more than they needed weed.

"Look, there are probably some people down there [in the Rockaways] who want some marijuana -- but that's not going to clothe and feed them," he explained. "So in order for me to help, I needed to turn what I do into something concrete that I could give to them."

The dealer said that he told his customers that he would be donating money to buy "hot meals, diapers, formula, clean water and other supplies" so they stocked up on pot for the cause.

"Yes, I made a little extra money for myself those two days," he admitted. "But [my clients] are getting something they'd already get anyway. I was going to work regardless, and now I felt like I was doing it with purpose ... I'm not doing what I do in order to get rich or create some super marijuana empire. I'm trying to help, and this is my job."

The man also purchased 50 wool blankets for hurricane survivors, The Huffington Post confirmed.

[Photo: Shutterstock.com]