Oscar-winning actress and singer Cher and comic Kathy Griffin have teamed up to film an ad for the pro-Obama Super PAC, the Jewish Council for Education & Research titled "Don't Let Mitt Turn Back Time on Women."

"There's a lot at stake in this election," Cher said, "for women and for people who like women and respect them."

"I'm looking at you, gays," Griffin chimed in.

Regarding the Republican party's lurch to the far right on women's health issues, Cher said, "Honestly, this is sick stuff. Richard Mourdock thinks pregnancy resulting from rape is a 'gift from god.'"

The two stars dinged Missouri Republican Rep. Todd Akin as well, underlining the fact that these men, with their extreme right-wing views are running for some of the highest political offices in the land.

"These guys aren't running for town councilman, okay?" said Griffin. "They're running for the United States Senate."

The point is, she continued is that Republicans are "trying to 'Turn Back Time' on women's rights," and both women urged viewers to get out and vote this Tuesday, Nov. 6.

"This is Cher, bitches!" said Griffin. "Do what she says! And god bless America."

Watch the video, embedded via YouTube, below: