CNN host Don Lemon was aghast on Sunday to hear that CNN contributor and The Blaze analyst Will Cain agreed with Mitt Romney's recent controversial comments about "gifts."

Last week, Romney said that he was defeated by Barack Obama because the President gave "gifts" to young voters, minorities and women like student loan reform and Obamacare.

"When you look at Mitt Romney's comments, first of all, I can say it is not very sportsman like," Cain said. "However, though, I say this as well, that what Mitt Romney had to say was also not inaccurate."

CNN contributor LZ Granderson and Lemon were both noticeably outraged by his suggestion. Cain described their reaction as a "chorus of surprise" and insisted that Democrats had been crafting policies solely to "win over votes" by pandering to every demographic. But Granderson and Lemon both continued to berate Cain for defending Romney's comment.

"I just cannot believe you said what he said was accurate. What he said was a type of insulting -- it was so insulting and so condescending," the CNN host said. "It is just insulting to a whole bunch of people. I can can't believe you would even think that way."

"OK. So, let me make a suggestion," Cain responded. "Since you guys happen to know me and you happen know the kind of statement I make, let me explain them. I know you have to run on to the next thing but I can assure you that what I said is highly logical and it makes sense."

"It is highly logical and makes sense to you and -- its just like the numbers and polls all made sense if you are doing some fuzzy math," Lemon replied. "It didn't make sense, Will. I'm sorry."

Watch video, via MRC TV, below: