On Wednesday night's edition of "The Colbert Report," host Stephen Colbert revisited the terms of his challenge to Donald Trump.

In response to Trump's "October Surprise," an offer of $5 million to the charity of the president's choosing if he would reveal his college records and applications and passport application to the reality TV mogul. Colbert took it upon himself to stage a counter-agreement with Trump, that he would donate a million dollars from the Colbert super PAC to any charity Trump chooses, "One million actual dollars if you will let me dip my balls in your mouth," he said.

On Tuesday, in response to the damage and flooding in New York City from Hurricane Sandy, Trump announced that he was extending the president's deadline until noon on Thursday.

"Do you hear that, Mr. President?" asked Colbert, dabbing at his eyes. "You can breathe easy. Donald Trump has given you an extra nineteen hours to deal with the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, affecting millions of Americans along 800 miles of coastline and then photocopy your college records."

Regarding his own offer to Trump, Colbert announced that he had not heard back from the "Celebrity Apprentice" host by the deadline.

"But," he said, "following the lead of my future scrotum holster, I am proud to announce that I, too, am extend my offer to dip my balls in Trump's mouth."

"By the way, my balls?" he quipped. "Also extended."

Watch the clip, embedded via Comedy Central, below: