Thursday night on "The Colbert Report," host Stephen Colbert welcomed MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, host of "The Rachel Maddow Show" and lead anchor for MSNBC's election night coverage.

"Alright, young lady," Colbert began, "Feeling good? Feeling good over there at MSNBC?"

"I love election season!" Maddow enthused. "Every year! No matter what happens."

"Have you gotten any sleep?" asked Colbert, to which Maddow answered that no, she hasn't, but that she was fine on Wednesday. Although, by Thursday, she said, her brain had "turned to pudding."

"I can't think today," she said. "I'm very tired."

"I don't even understand what you just said," agreed Colbert.

The two pundits went on to discuss the atmosphere at MSNBC on election night, and whether things got "crazy" once the team found out that Obama had carried Ohio and would ultimately re-take the presidency.

"We were all covering it," said Maddow, "and when Ohio went, we were not expecting it. We were sort of in the middle of talking about some call for another state that had just happened and when they said that Ohio happened, it was sort of, like, dooooo-whoop!"

But, she explained, "It was a work day," and whatever personal excitement the team might have felt was tempered by the fact that they had a job to do.

Colbert observed that the Fox News team seemed much more rattled by the Romney loss than the MSNBC team seemed elated. Maddow said that this was because Karl Rove and other Republicans had somehow convinced themselves that the polls were wrong and that the big, enthusiastic crowds he was seeing at rallies trumped empirical data.

"He could still pull this one out," Colbert said of Romney. "There's another path to 270 for Mitt. Never say die on this one, okay? He just needs to get Switzerland, the Cayman Islands and the secret state that only Republicans can see, 'Whitesylvania.'"

"He'll get there!" he insisted.

Watch the interview, embedded via Comedy Central, below: