The Obama administration has extended the deadline for states to decide whether to set up health care exchanges in accordance with the Affordable Care Act one month, till Dec. 14, reported The Hill.

Originally, that deadline was Friday, Nov. 16.

However, states that decline to create such exchanges -- likely due to claims of government overreach -- won't block health care reform from their borders. After Dec. 14, states will then have until February to decide whether they want to work in conjunction with the federal government to set up the exchanges. States that again refuse to act will essentially be giving the task to D.C. to complete.

The Department of Health and Human Services has "bent over backward" to encourage states to take charge of the exchanges, reported The Hill.

While many governors are torn between their dislike of the Affordable Care Act and their desire to control health care in their own states, Rick Perry said on Fox News today that his answer was "an emphatic no."

"We've said all along that we weren't interested in putting more people on the Titanic, and that's exactly what you would be doing with the expansion of Medicaid," Perry said. "And the health care exchanges -- same answer on that one. We're not interested in being brought into a system that frankly, nobody how they would work. Having Washington, D.C., make the calls for the state of Texas -- not good policy, not good politics."

Watch the video, via Fox News, below.