Is there anyone -- General David Petraeus included -- that didn't think his wife, Holly, would be mad if and when she was apprised of the fact that he'd made his biographer his mistress? And yet, (in a piece bylined by much-praised Presidential debate moderator Martha Raddatz), ABC News asserts that Mrs. Petraeus's rather obvious feelings are news.

Here at Raw Story, we thought long and hard about what sort of story about Mrs. Petraeus' and/or her feelings would count as news. Here are what we considered the bare minimum stories worthy of readers' attention.

1. Holly Petraeus: Newt Gingrich Offered My Husband Marriage Counseling

2. Holly Petraeus: I Can't Be Mad, I Was Banging Joe Biden

3. Holly Petraeus To George Clooney: Call Me, Maybe?

4. Holly Petraeus Spotted Canoodling With Ryan Gosling

5. Newark Mayor Cory Booker Rescues Holly Petraeus From Dead Marriage

6. Robert Downey Jr. Hired To Write Holly Petraeus' Biography

7. Holly Petraeus, Mary Louise Parker Arrested After They TP Claire Danes' Home

8. Holly Petraeus Teams With Kelis On 'Caught Out There' Remix

9. Holly Petraeus, Blu Cantrell Host Mega One-Day Garage Sale In Arlington

10. Holly A No-Show At David Petraeus', John Edwards' Debut In 'Odd Couple' Remake At Florida Dinner Theatre