A group of drag queens -- including Willam Belli, who was the first contestant ever kicked off "RuPaul's Drag Race" for violating the rules, Detox, Vicki Voxx, Pandora and Ozma Stasinski -- have an answer to conservative women who claim that there's no war on women and Mitt's the candidate for women: "Romnesia ain't covered."

"I know you are not a woman if you are voting for Mitt Romney," Belli says, "Because no woman in her right mind would vote for a man that opposes a woman's right to get a clean abortion or a safe abortion."

"What real woman wants to support somebody who wants to invent a word like, 'personhood.' Do you even know what personhood means?" asks Detox. "If I were to define personhood it would be like, 'Well, hello, I'm a person. It's my choice. Nobody's going to tell me what to do with my body, honey.'"

"He doesn't want to talk about the glass ceiling, ladies, or the white boys' club," says Voxx. "You know what the white boys' club means? You ain't in it."

"Three million women a year rely on Planned Parenthood for family planning, for HIV/STD tests, for cancer screenings and contraception," adds Stasinski. "And not only that, but one in five women will be helped by Planned Parenthood in her lifetime," piped up Pandora.

"I like to call him 'Rusty-Hanger Romney'" Belli says, "Or Back-Alley Mitt."

Watch the whole video, co-written by Emma Bates and Michael Serrato and uploaded to YouTube on November 1, 2012, below:

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