New York Magazine’s Frank Rich on Monday blasted News Corp. chief executive Rupert Murdoch, describing the media mogul's recent statements on Twitter as anti-Semitic.

Murdoch, whose News Corp. owns Fox News and a vast array of other media outlets, said on Twitter that the "Jewish owned press" favored Palestinians over Israelis. Many commentators believed he was referring to the Sulzberger family, the publishers of the New York Times. Murdoch later apologize "unreservedly."

"This is absolutely anti-Semitic and it's crude," Rich said on Current TV, adding that it harkened back to the Protocols of Zion conspiracy theory.

"Going back to the antisemitism thing too, keep in mind that Fox has made a cause of the supposed 'war on Christmas' all these years," he remarked, "which for me has always been a dig at Jews. They claim it's the secularists and the Democrats, but I've always found that appalling, and it starts at the top. That's Rupert Murdoch."

The idea of a "war on Christmas" begin in white nationalist circles, who blamed Jews for the alleged attack on the Christian holiday, according to Max Blumenthal of The Daily Beast.

Watch video, courtesy of Current TV, below: