During a Sunday appearance on Fox News, former Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson said it wasn't his fault that Mitt Romney lost the election.

The former New Mexico governor disappointingly explained that he didn't get enough votes to swing the election in favor of either Obama or Romney. Johnson received nearly 1.2 million votes nationwide, giving him about one percent of the vote.

"It would have been great to be labeled a spoiler," he said, "because I think you go from being an annoyance -- I'm talking about the Libertarian Party -- you go from an annoyance, to being a spoiler, to being a player. But I don't think we've been declared as a spoiler... I wish we would have been a spoiler but we weren't."

Johnson said that Romney lost because his views didn't resonate with voters.

"I don't think he really energized people when it came to dollars and cents," he elaborated. "And when it comes to his social agenda, I think it really scares people. I mean, as negative as he spoke regarding immigration, gay rights, women's rights."

Watch video, courtesy of Fox News, below: