Former Fox News conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck put on his art critic hat Tuesday and proceeded to dunk a figurine of President Barack Obama into a jar of what he claimed to be urine.

Repeatedly calling himself one of the "100 most important people in the art industry," Beck adopted a phony French accent and began painting clothes onto fine art nudes, seemingly under the impression that he was making a statement about artistic freedom.

Finally, he pulled out a bottle of yellow liquid he claimed to be urine and dunked a figurine of Obama into it, in an apparent homage to a 1989 photograph by artist Andres Serrano, depicting a figure of Jesus Christ in a jar of urine. "It's a mason jar with a little bit of pee-pee in it, uh?" Beck said. "...This is when an icon and art come together."

"Now some will say that all Glenn Beck did is put the president in a jar of pee-pee," Beck went on. "While technically correct, yes, I prefer to call this work of art by its more appropriate and professional title. I like to call this, 'Flobama.' Sure we can dumb it down for the masses of little people so they can understand. Yes, we have Obama in pee-pee. Mmm? Oui? Yes? This can be yours for a bargain price of $25,000."

He added that if someone buys it, he'll make another with First Lady Michelle Obama, this time in a "skinny bottle," which he said somehow represents her "little abs."

The whole thing was supposed to make a point about how art should be protected under the Constitution no matter whose feelings it hurts. Trouble is, the message sort-of gets lost amid what may go down as one of Beck's most bizarre performances to date.

The former Fox News conspiracy theorist was fired from the conservative network last year after a months-long advocacy campaign pressured hundreds of advertisers to drop the channel over Beck's racially charged commentaries. He's since launched his own Internet video channel and a conservative news website.

This video is from Glenn Beck's "The Blaze TV," published Tuesday, November 27, 2012.

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