Melissa Harris-Perry said on her Nov. 17 show that she wanted to send a letter to her governor, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. Earlier this week, the state's secretary of health sent a letter to the Obama administration declining to set up health insurance exchanges. Then New Orleans' mayor wrote to the secretary and Jindal, asking them to reconsider in the name of Louisiana's vital health needs.

"Dear Governor Bobby Jindal. It's me, Melissa," she begins.

"Bobby, you're the governor of a poor state. Twenty-one point six percent of your constituents live below the official poverty line. Twenty percent of them lack health insurance. We rank 49th in child well being, and we boast one of the worst income equality gaps in the nation. Being governor of a state with this much poverty and inequality ought to give you a special sense of urgency. But you don't seem to give a damn," she goes on.

She says that he cares more about attaining higher office, potentially eyeing the presidency as he criticizes Mitt Romney for his "gifts" comment recently called for the GOP to stop "dumbed-down conservatism."

"But what about your own back yard?" Harris-Perry says, going on to say that Louisianans without insurance could finally have coverage with the Medicaid expansion.

She also criticizes Jindal, claiming that he is "selling out our children's education" through school vouchers that often go to religious schools.

Watch the video, via MSNBC, below.

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