Pizza tycoon and former presidential candidate Herman Cain offered a final, tepid endorsement of Mitt Romney, urging Republican voters to turn out on Tuesday even if they, like he, wish someone else was taking on President Obama.

In a web video, Cain outlined voting groups and explained what each bloc meant for the election.

"They get it," he says of the youth vote. "They understand that hope and change is nothing but smoke and mirrors."

Voters who backed a Republican candidate besides Romney in the primaries represent another key group in Cain's analysis. Saying that voter turnout will decide the election, Cain urged these voters to go for Romney since they can no longer vote for him.

"I've even heard some people complain that they weren't excited about Mitt Romney because their favorite candidate was not the nominee," Cain says. "My favorite candidate is not in the race: me. Get over it."

After dropping out of the Republican primary under widening accusations of past sexual harassment, Cain endorsed Newt Gingrich and, separately, the American People in the presidential election.

Watch the video below: