Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham says that President Barack Obama has been "putting a gun to the head of the America people" to force Republicans to pass legislation that they don't agree with.

Fox News co-host Steve Doocy on Tuesday asserted that the White House was accusing Republicans of trying to "ruin Christmas" by not "rolling over" and doing everything Obama wanted to raise taxes on the wealthy and avert the so-called fiscal cliff.

"The sky is always falling when President Obama wants to cram down legislation or initiatives without real debate and without true compromise and working together," Ingraham agreed, citing health care reform and the economic stimulus.

"Here's my question for all these wobbly Republicans and Democrats who tell us the sky is falling: Where have they been for the last two years?" she continued. "I'm so tired of Obama putting a gun to the head of the American people and then Republicans saying, 'Oh, what are we going to do?' They're all wilting and running around and going, 'Oh!'"

"Laura, you're thinking exactly as I'm thinking this morning," co-host Gretchen Carlson observed. "We've wasted all this time and I think it's one of the reasons Congress' rate of approval is below 10 percent."

"Is it leadership for [Obama] to do this whole razzle-dazzle act and bring the CEOs in and then we're going to community organize for tax increases, we're going to do some rallies and we're going to force the Republicans hands?" Ingraham wondered. "Republicans should look forward to a 2014 wipeout if they compromise without getting some real verifiable cuts."

Watch this video from Fox News' Fox & Friends broadcast Nov. 27, 2012.

(h/t: Media Matters, Mediaite)