MIAMI — Former Florida governor Jeb Bush has reached out to his old donors, asking them to help get another George Bush -- his son -- established in Texas politics, US media reported Wednesday.

George P. Bush aims to be the third member of the Bush political dynasty to make a name for himself in the Lone Star state.

His uncle, George W. Bush, served as Texas governor before winning the White House in 2000 and his grandfather, former president George H.W. Bush, began his political career as a Texas congressman.

George P.'s first foray into political office will be a bid for the office of Land Commissioner, a powerful position charged with overseeing mineral rights in the oil-rich state.

The position also includes oversight over state-owned land and commercial real estate, veterans affairs and historic archives.

"While the election is in 2014, it is important to show early financial support, particularly in a state as big as Texas," Jeb Bush -- himself considered a possible contender for the 2016 presidential race -- wrote in a letter to supporters published by the Tampa Bay Times.

Thanks to the changing demographics of the US electorate, George P. is likely to be an attractive candidate to party higher-ups. The 36-year-old is half Hispanic -- his mother was born in Mexico -- and he speaks Spanish fluently.

After Republican White House candidate Mitt Romney's disastrous showing among Hispanics in the presidential vote -- only 27 percent voted for him -- the party is actively seeking candidates capable of courting this growing sector of the population.

Tall and boasting a suave smile, the Navy reserve officer, real estate investor and lawyer is already active on the political scene.

During the Republican convention in Tampa, Florida in August, Bush attended a conference on the "next generation," alongside Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former president Bill Clinton, and Josh Romney, son of candidate Romney.

He is currently the chair of Hispanic Republicans of Texas and the Maverick political action committee, and he is deputy finance chair for the Republican Party of Texas.

"Ok, what can I say? I am proud of my son," Jeb Bush wrote after listing off his accomplishments, which also include a nine-month tour of duty in Afghanistan.