On his show Monday night, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart mocked political pundits for making superfluous predictions about which candidate would be victorious on Election Day.

The late night comedian showed a choir of TV pundits, all voicing their opinion on who would win the presidency.

Stewart also mocked former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who confidently predicted he -- not Mitt Romney -- was going to be the Republican nominee. Now, Gingrich is confidently predicting Romney will win with more than 300 electoral votes.

Stewart noted that no matter what the pundits said, they didn't really need to worry about the fidelity of their claims, because they lived in a "reckoning free zone."

"One thing we've learned is that punditry is like musical chairs. The only difference is, in punditry, once the music stops, nobody ever moves the fucking chair. They just keep adding more chairs," Stewart said.

Watch video, via Mediaite, below: